Please answer all the questions and submit them to your advisor for a review.

  1. What did you do well this year? ( choose to focus on your career for now)
  2. What are three things you did this month/year which were a total failure?
  3. What did you learn from those mistakes?
  4.  How have you become better than a year ago (list min 3 max 5 ways)

What we’ve done so far was about understanding our current state and looking into future potentials. Before implementing an action plan, we want to take a moment to take a pause and self-reflect.

  1. When was the time you felt empowered and motivated at work/school?
  2. When was the time you felt disempowered at work/school?
  3. When was the time you felt heard and seen?
  4. When was the time you felt rejected?

At the end of your reflection, you will be able to realize that despite difficulties and challenges, there are always some wins, however tiny.

The challenges you have encountered will help you detect new strategies and approaches to contend with new challenges awaiting you.

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