Finding the Right Career Path

Finding the Right Career Path

Finding The Right Job

As human beings, we all have unique talents and strengths, which when used or expressed bring out the best of who we are and make a significant contribution to the work we are doing. The recipe for discovering your path lies in detecting the smaller elements of who you are, what you long desired to become and how you react when placed in an environment where you truly come alive and in tune with what is happening around you.

In today’s society, there is a certain script that has been prescribed for everyone who would like to be successful. This script usually goes as, go to school, get good grades and find a good job that pays you enough to buy a comfortable home and afford a stable lifestyle. This journey is what our parents expect of us and we have also somehow come to accept this script as ours because it is safe. What has become troubling today is that we have even settled for less. After graduating, we find jobs that pay us less than what we are worth, consume our energy and give us no fulfillment, yet we are fine, right? We have settled.



Choosing to pursue an alternative direction than the norm can be hard and questioning for many people around you but the good news is that it will bring you back to refocus on the most important person in this process. YOU. Who are you really? What did you always want to do since you were a child or young? What are you really good at?

Have you imagined a scenario where your current role ends or your company shuts down, what will you do?

Asking these very difficult questions, at first will produce fear in you but if you remain critical and analytical, these questions will actually enable you to draw closer to yourself, bringing you to a point where you truly begin to know and discover your unique talents and strengths and how these can lead you towards a career journey that is satisfying, life-giving and potentially one that can change our world.

There is a great place to start and that is to assess your current career status.

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