Follow The Joy

Follow The Joy

Follow The Joy

In all the things you plan to do, I would like to ask you to follow the joy. Many people ask how to find the joy in their daily work as they have struggled and feel frustrated. It's not only important to have a big pay package at the top listed company of your city. Sooner or later, if in that job you feel no satisfaction, you will quit and if you don't quit your health and light will get deemer and deemer.

So what do we have in mind for you to find the joy?

Pay attention to the details. Not many people pay attention to the daily task at work or at home because the idea is always that you should feel a certain way in the end, but the truth is that the secret to what you are building and developing is in the details. Paying attention to the details starts with looking at the :

Activity at hand - What are you doing/ working on during the day. List everything down. The best way to do this is to record or monitor your weekly activities because in this way you have some data to work on. Which tasks do you have a smile for and which one do you have a please help somebody?

Your engagement levels - how much energy are you getting from each of the tasks. Right it down. The more positive and high level of engagements you have while working on a task, the higher the chance of it being one of your source of joy. Pay attention to those activities draining you down, where your brain is completely or halfway frozen. In the end it is not that you will only get to work on task that are highly engaging for you but you will prioritise and strategise that most of your work is in this direction.

Location - Where are you when you create your most amazing work? Are you at the office, at home, in nature, at a coworking space? Is there some music on or pure silence? Where you work or create the work you are good and passionate at is as critical and important as the work you do. So watch out where you are.

Tools - What tools are you working with? Computers, pen and paper, a board, flipcharts. Although most people and work has gone digital, not everyone loves the idea of working on a laptop. Some people create great work with their own hands or other tools. Look at what help you do your best work.

The people - People can affect everything you do or plan to do. Look who has been around when you did your best work.


Get a journal and record your weekly activities at work or when you are working on a project and see where most of your joy is coming from.

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