Getting Unstuck With Your Career

Your Strategy To Getting Unstuck

After working on your mindmap, the next exercise you need to conduct is a deeper analysis of the three main directions that may work for you. To continue validating your choices, you have to narrow down to the basics. It will be normal to feel anxious and unsure of everything at this point but just go for it.



Ideas and Opportunities 

Pick three career scenarios you combined into one concept during your mind-mapping exercise thinking in the format of the bellow questions.


  1. If your current job had to end right now (not that we wish it to) What will you do next to make a living?
  2. What would you do if your second option came to an end as well?
  3. What would you do if money and your image was not a concern?


Note: Do not overthink this exercise. Just do it. write down everything that comes to mind.

Assessment  and feasibility of Your Choices

  1.  Resources (Do you have the time, money, skills and contacts you need to make this happen?)
  2.  Feelings (How excited or bored are you about this idea?)
  3.  Confidence (Do have the inner confidence to even pitch this idea to someone?)
  4. Feasibility ( Does your plan make sense?)
  5. Location (Where will you be living while you do this?)
  6. Family/personal life situation (what would you like to happen on this end as well ?)
  7. What experience would you have gained from doing this?

Pay attention to how much energy you feel with each alternative you design for yourself.



Pitch these three scenarios to your coach and hear their feedback. You can also pitch this scenario to a friend, ideally one who is less critical and judgemental. Remember these are ideas, and the point is to feel an abundance of opportunities directing themselves to you.


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