Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to our Job search coaching program. We are very proud of the decision you have made to embark on this journey of discovering what it is that you should be doing. No matter how far you have gone or still have to go in your career, there is always a point of redirection to the right destination. So congratulations for making this bold move. We are with you on this journey!

Course material and exercises

This coaching program has been written with the objective to help you reflect and find the right job for you. You can apply this knowledge to any market you will find yourself in. With each coaching session, there is a practical exercise to help you get one step closer to your desired career destination. We cover topics such as career assessment, the importance of reflection, your personality, your individual strengths, industry choice and goal setting. We also prepare you for interviews and give you insights to negotiate a great offer in your market.


At the end of this course, you should have a clear understanding of who you are, what you should actually be doing based on your strengths, passion, values and personality.

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