The Many Career Paths You Have

Many Career Paths

Your Many Career Paths

You are limitless. Your career trajectory is full of possibility. Only if you would let yourself experience who you truly are and what you are capable of creating. You have one skill to master and that is the elimination of Fear.

Fear holds you back in many ways. For most career changers and professionals it is the fear of not having an income. For professionals working outside of their home countries it is the fear of not having the right visa if they stop working. For others it is the fear of looking and sounding stupid or ridiculous. Whatever it is, you should not let fear stand in your way and I will show you how to overcome it.

1. Embrace Your Creativity

You are interested in many things as a human being. It is very normal but somehow our world has tried so much to put us into boxes that whenever we try to explore something different, we doubt ourselves. The possibility that you have different career paths is real, high and normal.

To accept this belief, is not to mean that you are confused or you do not know what you want in life but is to say that you appreciate and acknowledge your creativity, your skills and talents and you can live them all out at any given time. You have many skills. You can do different things, you are interested in different topics and that's okay.

Your challenge now is to find the time and space to do each one of the activities you love one at a time. Embrace your creative self.

2. Think differently - expand your idea of the self

We have been thought from early on that a successful life is one where you figure out that one thing you are good at and embark on it for the rest of your life. Or that when you are tired of that direction you have been on, you should find another single direction to go into. It shouldn't be that way.


You have many possibilities. You can decide which possibility to live in today and which one to live tomorrow. To get unstuck you need to move away from a place where you are stuck in the middle of a crossroad or between a rock and a hard place.


Move, one step at a time. In our last exercise, we looked at mind mapping the different topics, activities, and environments that could potentially take you in a particular direction. What we now need to do is create the different career scenarios you might have.

3. Visualize yourself in the work you would like to do

Yes, you do think about becoming a designer, but have you really seen yourself in that role? What did you see and did you like it? What is it about that specific activity that motivates you?

Exercise - Prototype your career scenarios

Career scenario one: What is it? Where are you? What are you doing? Which location? How much are you earning? What is happening in your life?


Do the same for the next two career scenarios and see what happens.


Next, find someone you can discuss this with and hear their feedback. Remember you are not asking for their opinion or answers, you are simply looking and talking to someone who understands you without judgment.

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