What Makes You Different


What Makes You Different?

Building a successful personal brand will need you to bring your authentic self out and communicate that with your audience. Authenticity can be hard to achieve or define, especially because most times we believe that we are already authentic, however, the beauty of your decision to start looking at your authentic self will enable you to take the narrative of your life and your work out of other people’s hands. You will start to become the commander in chief of the product which is you and discover the possibility and opportunity of getting to know yourself on another level. Therefore, a moment to pause and retrospect becomes critical, in trying to understand your personality, strengths, convictions and more importantly, the drive behind everything you are doing. The five different subsections of this topic to be covered will help you build an attractive and valuable personal brand.


The concept of personal branding is gaining traction every single day. A few people have noticed this and have started working on their own as a way to move up in their careers or launch and maintain their businesses. Personal branding goes beyond the resume, LinkedIn profile and attending networking events which are rather tools to propel your personal brand. Your personal brand is about who you are, what you have to offer to our world and your audience. Who you are is an incorporation of your Personality, Strengths and Weaknesses, Drive and Convictions. These elements will determine how successful your personal brand will be. The information we have gathered will be used to implement your personal brand strategy.

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