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  • Margherita Sgorbissa

    My experience with MCP was extremely positive, definitely beyond expectations. I reached out to Kave when I felt quite lost in my professional path and she provided me with more than just working life-related advice. She encouraged me to believe in myself, to take the risk and start something that could reflect not only my skills but also my personality and my values. Through her excellent coaching skills and her endless kind attitude, she helped me to asses my priorities and find great solutions for my professional development. Thanks, Kave, you are the best

    Margherita Sgorbissa, Least Authority TFA GmbH 

  • Paula Laurel Jackson

    My Career Path is a fantastic career coaching platform. Kave is highly knowledgeable, empathetic and passionate! She really takes the time needed to assist her clients in having their specific needs met. Kave helped me a great deal in establishing my brand. She helped me to gain clarity about my strengths and purpose, which led me to successfully launch a crowdfund to set up a new media company. Thanks so much!

    Paula Laurel Jackson - Founder @ I See You Media

  • Vivien Leung

    A strong brand understands the power of storytelling. However, only having the ability to tell a convincing story without truly living its values lacks authenticity and sincerity. The MCP team not only thrives at storytelling, Kave, the mastermind behind the brand, also walks the talk. With diversity and inclusivity being one of the core values, she has managed to assemble one of the most diverse and inclusive executive teams in Berlin.

    Vivien Leung, Systemic Coach

  • Janine Mostert

    I highly recommend Kave at My Career Path. Kave supported me in assessing my skills and attributes to see where I fit in the job market, she helped me brand myself to the right employers and shared her wisdom and knowledge about the job market in Berlin. She was really passionate about helping me get to where I want to be. It was a pleasure to go on this career journey with Kave. Thank you!

    Janine Mostert, Zenjob 

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